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    • New York's Laboratory for Performance

      “What began in 1985 as a literary reading space, a throwback to Paris salons, is now one of the city’s most important and fiercely experimental artists’ nests.”

      – the village voice
    • Best of NYC Theater!

      “Best one-stop performance shop!”

      – L magazine
    • Influential!

      “To merely describe Dixon Place as helpful or influential would be to drastically understate its impact on our work…We owe a great debt to this institution.”

      – Blue Man Group

    • Downtown Excellence

      “Dixon Place is a real home for theater…a last bastion of downtown New York’s long tradition of theatrical experimentation.”

      – The New York Times
    • Vitality!

      “Dixon Place is a vital link in the food chain of contemporary art.”

      – Martha Wilson, Franklin Furnace